Achievements to date

Proud of Our Achievements to Date

Applegreen are deeply committed to leaving a positive and lasting legacy for future generations, with a dedicated approach to sustainability in every area of our business. Sustainability has been at the heart of what we do for many years and we are now stepping up our efforts.


Fuel Initiatives

We utilise full-stage two vapour recovery pumps, which collect the vapours from the nozzle and vacuum them back into the tank, minimising vapour release into the atmosphere. We also employ a system on all sites which monitors fuel stock at all times ensuring any risk of contamination is minimised.

Water Initiatives

There are several initiatives we engage in while developing our sites to help significantly reduce our water consumption and energy usage including the harvesting of rainwater from our forecourt canopy which is used in car washes. This used water is then cleaned via the water recycling centre and reused. We continue on the journey to roll out this initiative to further sites across the state.


Applegreen aim to use environmentally friendly suppliers. For example, Applegreen only uses Tierra Lavazza in all our coffee machines. This is 100% Rainforest Alliance coffee, which is both environmentally friendly and practices non-exploitation of the workforce. In addition to this, we aim to source much of our food produce within the respective region to reduce its carbon footprint.

Applegreen Charitable Fund

The Charitable Fund was set up in December 2009 with the aim to give back to the communities in which Applegreen operates throughout Ireland. Over the past 10 years, over €3.9 Million Euro has been raised for our chosen causes as result of the support and engagement shown by our customers, suppliers and employees. We take pride in our commitment to making a meaningful and long-term impact in our local community by leveraging our position as one of the biggest corporate philanthropists in the country.