About Drive Change

‘Drive Change’ is Applegreen’s Climate Change Programme which consists of a growing number of environmental initiatives, ranging from Carbon Offsetting and reforestation, to rainwater harvesting and the provision of charging points for electric and hybrid cars across our forecourt network.

As a business based around motorised vehicles, we are conscious we are contributing to the problem. We take this responsibility very seriously which is why we’re continually looking for ways to help our drivers reduce their carbon footprint. Carbon released from our PowerPlus fuel product is 100% offset by carbon capture and carbon reduction projects in Africa. Our entire fleet of delivery trucks and other vehicles is carbon neutral, from port to pump. And, over the three years from January 2021, Applegreen will be spending €1.5m on a variety of carbon reduction measures, including the planting of 300,000 trees.

But we’re not leaving it at that. We are committed to reducing our carbon footprint by an amount equivalent of what would be released by 36,000 cars in a year. And you can help, by driving on performance enhancing, fuel efficient PowerPlus.