Frequently Asked Questions

Why are you doing this?

As a fuel retailer, we are mindful of our responsibilities both to our customers and the planet.

We are giving our customers the option of CarbonNeutral driving as part of our ongoing sustainability strategy. Our ‘Drive Change’ sustainability strategy is driven by a number of priorities, one of which is transitioning to a lower-carbon future and cleaner energy.
By enabling our customers to achieve CarbonNeutral driving with PowerPlus fuel, we can help to reduce emissions and contribute to the UN Sustainability Development Goals – a roadmap for climate action.

CarbonNeutral driving is another important step on our journey to drive transformation, give our customers a low carbon choice, and deliver emission reductions now.

What is carbon offsetting?

Carbon offsetting is a way of compensating for emissions by funding an equivalent carbon dioxide reduction in another way.

High quality offset projects are audited and validated to independent standards to ensure that the emission reductions are really occurring.

How will a project in Africa provide carbon neutral driving for motorists in Ireland?

In Africa, many communities don’t have access to clean water. They have to boil their water first to make it clean, and unfortunately the way they do this is by burning forest wood. This is unsustainable and produces climate-warming emissions including carbon dioxide.
So, we are financing a project that is repairing boreholes or water wells in east Africa, that will give these communities access to clean water so they don’t have to boil it first by burning wood.

By financing this project, we are helping to reduce a minimum of 100,000 tonnes of carbon dioxide per year that is normally released into the environment by burning wood.
The clean water project in Africa is being run by Vita, which is an Irish N.G.O. that specialises in fighting climate change. They build and repair the boreholes that provide a clean water source and we are contributing finance to support the project.

We are also working on this project with Natural Capital Partners, which specialises in climate finance and carbon neutrality. With over 20 years’ experience in the field and a global network of partners and consultants, Natural Capital Partners are guiding the decisions and choices that will ensure maximum results – clear, transparent and fully accountable.

Why are you also launching a forestry creation project?

Applegreen is launching a forestry creation project in Ireland as part of our ongoing sustainability strategy with a commitment to plant a minimum 300,000 native trees including Pedunculate Oak, Birch, Scots Pine, Rowan, Holly and Hazel to support Irelands biodiversity.

This project is in addition to our offsetting and will plant one native tree for every tonne of carbon that is generated by the use of our PowerPlus fuel.

Planting 300,000 trees around Ireland will help Ireland meet its commitments to emission reductions and add to our national biodiversity. It also makes us one of Ireland’s biggest contributors to the Woodland Environmental Fund (WEF) which is the Irish government scheme to encourage more forest creation.

Why have you chosen PowerPlus to launch this campaign? What’s so special about this type of fuel?

PowerPlus is our most advanced premium fuel, which has been tested in line with The Greenhouse Gas Protocol. This is an international standard that measures and manages climate-warming emissions and is used by 9 out of 10 of the Fortune 500 companies.

PowerPlus has a special additive that delivers fuel economy benefits of around 4% while also reducing CO2 emissions – for diesel engines, CO2 emissions are more than 3% lower than regular fuel.

The additive in PowerPlus also works to clean your engine while you drive and restore it to a ‘like new’ condition.