BioDive Competition – FAQ’s


What is BioDive?

BioDive is a biodiversity campaign to help support biodiversity education in primary schools throughout the Republic of Ireland by providing educational support and resources.

Registered primary schools can win a biodiversity garden for their school worth €10,000, or full day biodiversity workshops, supported and delivered by Biodiversity in schools.


Why are Applegreen promoting a Biodiversity initiative? 

As an Irish company who operates in communities throughout the country, we recognise the issues facing Ireland’s native biodiversity. We believe that by every individual or organisation making a better effort now to promote awareness of important sustainability issues, together we can make a big difference for current and future generations.


What are you investing in this project? Will you stop after one year? 

We’re investing significantly in the BioDive initiative in 2022. We understand that supporting  biodiversity is integral to the wellbeing of our country and planet and we have confirmed our commitment to the BioDive initiative for this year. In line with all our company initiatives, we will review its impact for year one before making further commitments for 2023 and beyond.


Is this your first sustainability project? What else are you doing to create sustainability? 

No – our sustainability journey began a long time ago. As a company, we are committed to economic, environmental, and social responsibility. These three elements feed into our drive change strategy which is designed to leave a positive and lasting legacy for future generations. We have achieved many sustainability wins over recent years, including a commitment to planting 300,000 native Irish Trees, with 100,00 of those already in the ground, sourcing 100% certified renewable energy commitments; zero waste going to landfill; using harvested rainwater at our car wash facilities; and partnering with Guaranteed Irish to promote and support Irish suppliers among many other sustainable actions.


Is this initiative a case of ‘greenwashing’? Are you truly invested in promoting biodiversity as a fossil fuel reseller?

This is not a marketing exercise or a case of ‘green-washing’. This is a real climate education and awareness initiative that will provide tangible benefits by enabling Applegreen customers and colleagues, from primary school children to adults to learn more about the importance of biodiversity. We have insured that this initiative has no association with the sale of our fuel, alcohol or lottery related products in store.


Competition / Registration

How do schools apply?

Schools can apply to take part in BioDive by registering on Applegreen’s BioDive page at before Friday February 4th, 2022.

What is involved in the application process?

You must complete the short application form providing the school address, contact details and participating class details i.e., 5th class.

Can a school do more than one application?

No, only one application per school is permitted.

How will I know if my application has been accepted?

Applegreen will contact successful applicants directly.

Is this competition open to all schools?

BioDive is open to all primary schools in the Republic of Ireland. The competition is not open to secondary level schools or schools located in Northern Ireland.

Can I apply for the BioDive competition if I am not a school?

The BioDive competition is only open to primary schools in the republic of Ireland. BioDive sticker books are available for purchase if you would like to collect BioDive stickers separately.

When does the competition end?

The competition ends on Thursday April 28th, 2022.

What can schools win?

Primary schools can win a biodiversity garden worth €10,000 or a full day biodiversity workshop for a class.

How many prizes can be won?

A biodiversity garden worth €10,000 can be won and 10 full day biodiversity workshops.

Do I need to collect all 120 stickers to win?

To be in with a chance of winning participating schools must collect all 120 unique BioDive

How do schools win?

A pupil from a participating class nominated by the school must complete a knowledge test and submit a picture of their completed BioDive classroom poster to be in with a chance of winning a prize.

How will the winner(s) be selected?

Winners will be selected at random from participating primary schools who have successfully completed the knowledge test and submitted a picture of their completed BioDive classroom poster. Please note there is no advantage for early submissions. Selection will be overseen by an independent third party.

Can I buy the BioDive A0 classroom poster?

No, Applegreen do not sell the BioDive classroom posters. Only registered schools who are taking part in the BioDive competition will receive the BioDive classroom poster.




Why was my child’s primary school not selected to take part?

124 participating schools were selected on a first come first serve basis from primary schools that had registered before the registration closing date on Friday February 4th, 2022.

What ages is BioDive suitable for?

BioDive is suitable for ages 6years and above.

Can I register my children’s school?

No, primary schools must register to take part on their own behalf.



Stickers & Sticker books

How many stickers are available to collect?

There are 120 different stickers to collect.

How many stickers are in each phase?

There are 40 new stickers in each phase.

How many phases are there?

There are 3 phases.

Can I just buy packs of stickers on their own?

No, Applegreen are unable to sell BioDive sticker packs as an individual purchase(s). To receive a pack of cards customers must make an in-store purchase of €5 or more (excluding fuel, alcohol, and lottery related purchases).

Can I buy single stickers?

No, stickers are only available in packs of three.

If I spend €10 etc. can I have two etc. packs?

No, there is only one pack of stickers available per purchase.

Are the stickers free?

Stickers are free with in-store purchase(s) worth €5 or more. Please note fuel, alcohol and lottery related purchases are excluded. Stickers are limited to one pack per transaction.

Why are fuel, alcohol and lottery related purchases not included?

Fuel, alcohol, and lottery related purchases are not included as BioDive is a sustainability initiative by Applegreen for primary school children.

Can I swap stickers I already have for another pack?

Applegreen sites can’t swap stickers for another pack as the stickers are pre-packed. However, you can swap stickers with other collectors or classmates.

Is there a prize for completing the sticker book collection?

No, there are no prizes available for completing the sticker book collection.


More Information

Where can I find out more about BioDive?

You can find out more at

Where can I find out more about Biodiversity in Schools?

You can find out more about Biodiversity in schools by visiting or Biodiversity in Schools.