Offering Cleaner Energy

Carbon Neutral Driving

Most of us would be lost without our cars. At the same time, we’re worriedabout climate change.

At Applegreen, we are aware of the part we play in creating carbon emissions.It’s a responsibility we’re taking very seriously, which is why we are determined to drive change and leave a positive legacy for future generations.

As part of our journey towards electric vehicles and a low carbon future, we’re now offering you the choice of carbon neutral driving with Applegreen PowerPlus fuel.

When you choose to fill your tank with PowerPlus, our premium fuel, not only are you benefiting from better performance and fuel efficiency, all your car’s emissions are also offset there and then.

EV Transition Plan

The next stage of Applegreen’s route to a low carbon future will see a focus on the company’s staff vehicles as well as a renewed commitment to sourcing only renewable electricity.

By the end of 2022, Applegreen will have implemented a policy ensuring a minimum of partial EV use for business operations across all company cars. By 2026, all new business vehicles purchased by Applegreen will be fully EV, while by 2030, all Applegreen company cars will be fully electric EV. The company currently offset all tailpipe emissions from vehicles which distribute fuel and product to stores nationwide, which are third-party owned and operated.