Enabling a Low Carbon Future

Carbon Disclosure Project (CDP)

An important element of assessing our Drive Change programme and providing transparency to our commitments, is our annual CDP return (formally known as the Carbon Disclosure Project).

By utilising the CDP disclosure platform, we are aligned with the Task Force on Climate-related Disclosures (TCFD) and are reporting our progress in a comparable and consistent way that is relevant and accessible to the global economy. It is also externally verified and comparable year on year.


2020 Emission Verification

Providing transparency the boundary, scope and calculations for the 2020 greenhouse gas (GHG) assessment, Applegreen engaged a third party to verify the data. The objective of this verification is to confirm that GHG emissions declared are fairly stated and free from material error or omission in accordance with the CDP reporting requirements. Where possible, the verification process has been guided by the principles set out in ISO 14064-3: Greenhouse Gases, Part 3: Specification with Guidance for the Verification and Validation of Greenhouse Gas Assertion, Annex A.

Verification is undertaken through the review and testing of consolidated data and evidence, testing a sample of underlying data and emissions calculations. The review and testing of consolidated data and evidence, testing a sample of underlying data and emissions calculations.

Foot shaped water droplet on a leaf

Tetrapak water bottles

Everyday choices matter for our planet and for all of us. Here are five key reasons why choosing Applegreen Tetra Pak Water can help you make a difference:

  1. 1

    Climate smart
    as Tetra Pak packaging is mostly made of wood fibre, our Applegreen Tetra Pak water is a climate smart choice. Our Tetra Pak water carton is *88% plant-based and made predominantly from renewable materials.

  2. 2

    Applegreen Tetra pak water comes in packaging which on average are more than 70% paper-board, from continuously growing forests, where new trees replace the one that are harvested.

  3. 3

    All our Applegreen Tetra Pak water packages are made of valuable materials that can be recycled into something new. If you take them to the correct recycle bin, they can be reused.

  4. 4

    Responsibly sourced
    100% of our Tetra Pak water cartons are FSC®-certified paper-board, from well-managed forests and other controlled sources.

  5. 5

    More Plastic from plants
    Our tetra Pak water packages only use thin plastic layers to protect the contents. The plastic used in the packaging is made from plant-based plastic from sugarcane, which is full traceable and sustainably produced.

Note: *88.5% = 53.9% paper-board + 34.6% plant-based plastic.


As the leading Irish forecourt retailer, we are passionate about cultivating long-term relationships with local suppliers. At Applegreen we are committed to sourcing the best local produce for our customers to enjoy. Our commercial foods team is dedicated to providing the very best of Irish produce at our Bakewell deli counters for our customers. This has been made possible by working in close collaboration with our local Irish suppliers to deliver a wide and growing range of products. Through supporting further product development and range expansion, we are providing a stable platform for local Irish suppliers to grow their businesses sustainably across Ireland.

Ón bhfeirm go dtí an forc . . . at Applegreen we are proud to support Irish and buy local.

Proudly Supporting Irish Suppliers

  1. Oakpark

    A family business established in 1940, Oakpark is a leading pork, bacon, and poultry producer servicing customers across Ireland and beyond.